Patient Information

Before your Stay

Please complete your admission form and return to the below address:

Download Admission Form

Booking Clerk
12 Kensington Ave
Whangarei 0112

Fax (09) 437 9081

If any of the information you have provided changes prior to admission, please notify us as soon as possible (e.g. if you develop a cold, diarrhoea, vomiting, a skin infection etc.)


  • Is there an adult available to pick you up from the Hospital and to stay with you for the first 24 hours after discharge?
  • Will you need an interpreter or the Maori Health Support service during your time at the hospital?
  • Have you considered how you will manage at home following your operation (meals, showering, housekeeping, groceries etc) and if you will require any special equipment (wheelchair, walking frame etc.)?

If you need assistance with any of these, please contact us prior to admission

What You Should Bring

Please bring

  • Any letters or reports from your doctor
  • Reading glasses
  • Hearing aid
  • Something suitable to wear to bed e.g. a comfortable nightie or pyjamas
  • A dressing gown
  • Slippers / footwear
  • Toiletries
  • Personal reading
  • A favourite pillow
  • Comfortable daywear
  • All medications you are currently taking, including herbal and natural remedies. Please bring these in the container they are dispensed in, along with a current list of your medications from your pharmacy or GP.

Please do not:

  • Bring valuables or jewellery as Kensington Hospital cannot take responsibility for their safekeeping.
  • Smoke or drink alcohol 24 hours prior to admission.
  • Wear make-up, nail polish, jewellery or body piercings (you can wear your wedding ring)

Personal care:

  • Please shower prior to leaving home
  • You can wear deodorant but please do not wear perfume, talc or moisturiser

Eating and Drinking

It is very important that you do not eat or drink (including chewing gum) for a period before your surgery. If you do not comply with this, it is likely that your surgery will be delayed or cancelled. This precaution is to eliminate the risk of food or fluid passing from the stomach into the lungs while you are under anaesthetic. If this occurs, it can cause a pneumonia-like illness that is potentially very dangerous.

2 years and older-

  • No food or drinks for at least six hours before your arrival time
  • You may have water up to 2 hours pre-operatively (There is no limit on the amount of water)
  • No chewing gum or lollies

Patients having cataract surgery under local anaesthesia can have a normal diet.

Under 2 years-

  • Breast milk may be taken 4 hours before your arrival time
  • No other food or drink (including formula) for 6 hours prior to your arrival time.
  • Children over six months old may sip small amounts of water until 2 hours before their planned arrival time but no more than ½ a glass in total.


You should take your normal medications unless otherwise advised by your Specialist.


  • Bring your favourite toy or book
  • Please wear comfortable loose fitting clothes e.g. t-shirt and shorts or track pants to wear to theatre
  • Bring a change of clothes

A parent or caregiver can accompany their child to theatre and stay with them until they are asleep. They can also stay overnight in their child’s room if desired. Please discuss your needs with the nurse on arrival or when you receive your pre-operative phone call.

Pre-op Phone Call

We will endeavour to phone you prior to admission to confirm your arrival time and complete a nursing assessment. If you have any further questions or special needs, this is the ideal time to discuss them.

Complaints Process

If you are unhappy with any aspects of your care whilst at Kensington Hospital, or on Discharge and would like information on how to make a complaint or access the Advocacy service please contact the General Manager or the Clinical Services Manager 094379080.