Day of Procedure

What to Bring

All Patients

  • Your Patient Information Pack.
  • Documentation from doctors, consultants or other hospitals.
  • Medicine or prescription, herbal remedies or supplements you are currently taking (in their original container/packaging).
  • Any personal aids:
    • Walking stick or frame;
    • Hearing aids, plus a battery;
    • Glasses or contact lenses;
    • Dentures.
  • Additional items:
    • Books, magazines, writing material, puzzle books;
    • Personal entertainment device and chargers – mobile phone, tablet and headphones.

Day Stay Patients

  • Be sure to wear something clean, comfortable and appropriate to your procedure.

Inpatient, Overnight Stay or Longer

  • Nightwear.
  • Dressing gown.
  • Slippers or footwear.
  • Toiletries.
  • Your pillow (optional).
  • Clean, comfortable clothes to go home in, appropriate to your procedure.

What not to Bring

  • Valuables – including jewellery and cash as Kensington Hospital is unable to take responsibility for the safe keeping of valuables if brought to Hospital.
  • Your vehicle – as you will be unable to drive following your procedure and anaesthetic. Please ensure that you organise transport home following your planned admission.

Prior to Admission


  • shower and wear clean clothes;
  • do not apply makeup or moisturizer;
  • remove jewellery where possible;
  • remove all nail polish.

On Admission

On arrival please report to the reception where you will be welcomed by our staff who will check your details. Your Nurse will then complete your admission, assist you to prepare for your procedure and answer any questions you may have.

Once you are in your gown and prepared for your procedure, you will wait in a pre-op area. A support person is able to remain with you until you go through for your procedure if you wish. Please advise your nurse if you would like this.

You will be seen by your Surgeon/Specialist who will check your Consent for Surgery/Other Procedure form and answer any queries. Your Anaesthetist (if applicable) will discuss your anaesthesia plan and complete your Consent for Anaesthesia form.

After your Procedure & Discharge