Kensington Hospital has four operating theatres and a 19 bed InPatient Suite for patients requiring ongoing care.

The InPatient Suite has 15 private rooms with en-suites and one four bedded room with separate bathroom facilities. Each room has its own LCD Sky TV, telephone and internet access. A Daystay unit provides an area for day surgery patients to relax before travelling home.

The Hospital provides respite and convalescent care services for patients transferring from the community or another facility who require nursing oversight.

Infusion services are available for community patients who require intravenous (IV) administration of drugs or medicines (e.g. antibiotics, Aclasta).

Kensington Hospital offers a wide range of surgical services including:

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 Ear, Nose and Throat surgery  Mr Chris Seeley
 Eye Surgery (Ophthalmology) Mr David Dalziel
Mr Andrew Watts
 Gastroenterology (colonoscopy and gastroscopy) Dr Vanessa Blair
Dr Mark Kennedy (Gastroscopy only)
Mr John Lengyel
Mr Mark Sander                        Dr Arjun Sugumaran
 General and Laparoscopic surgery Dr Vanessa Blair
Mr John Lengyel
Mr Rajesh Patel
Mr Mark Sanders
 Gynaecological surgery Dr Rachel Moss
Dr Mairi Wallace
 Musculoskeletal physician  Dr Grant Thompson
 Orthopaedic surgery Mr Lyndon Bradley
Mr Andrew Herbert
Mr Marc Hirner
Mr Gareth Laws
Mr David Lyon
Mr Johnny Manson
Dr Margy Pohl
Mr Erin Ratahi
Mr Michael van Niekerk
 Plastic surgery  Mr David Crabb
Urogynaecological Surgery Dr Mairi Wallace
 Urological surgery  Mr Tony NixonMr Jonathan Masters

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