Before you come to Hospital

Completing your Admission Form

Personify Care – Online Admission Form

Personify Care is our online system where you complete your admission form and receive essential information for your planned procedure.

If you  your specialists rooms have instructed you to complete your admission online, please follow the below link to register.
If you need help on Personify Care, look for this icon   

Register for Personify Care      Login to Personify Care

Physical Admission Form

Some of our procedures require a physical Admission Form to be completed (instead of online via Personify Care). If you have been asked to complete a physical admission form, please complete all areas of as soon as possible and return this to us at least 7 days before your admission.

Completed Admission Forms can be returned:

Download Admission Form

If any of your personal or health information provided changes prior to admission, please notify us with the details as soon as possible.

Completing your Consent Form

Your Surgeon/Specialist will have explained details of your procedure. In your pack you have an Consent for Surgery/Agreement to Treatment form for you to read and sign. Please check that your details and planned procedure(s) are correctly documented on this form.

If you are happy with the details, please sign and return it to the hospital as soon as possible:

  • via email:
  • via fax: 09 437 9081
  • via post: Kensington Hospital Bookings, PO Box 8122, Kensington, Whangarei 0145
  • or delivered in person

If you have any concerns about the Consent for Surgery/Agreement to Treatment form, please contact your Surgeons/Specialists Rooms or Kensington Hospital prior to signing.

The Consent for Anaesthesia side of this form will be completed on admission by your Anaesthetist.

Arrival Time

A Kensington Hospital Nurse will contact you prior to your admission to relay important information including your arrival time.


A Kensington Hospital Nurse will contact you prior to your admission to give you clear instructions of when to stop eating and drinking so you are ready for your procedure. For your safety during general anaesthesia or sedation, it is important that you follow these fasting guidelines. However, if your Surgeon/Specialist or Anaesthetist provides individual instructions and you are unsure, please contact our nursing team.

Day of Procedure