“Everything is nice and clean. I would happily pay for this food if it was a restaurant. Everyone was extremely nice. Nothing could be changed, staff are wonderful, food is perfect and the rooms are like staying in a 5 star hotel. I absolutely loved my stay”.


“Awesome facility and well maintained. The kitchen staff were fantastic and very accommodating of my needs. The entire experience was reassuring from start to finish. The staff are genuine, sincere and professional. Keep up the good work”.


“Bright and sunny room immaculately clean. Lots of nice touches on the meals made them so appealing (tea in a pot not just a cup, a toast rack). All the staff were so caring and attentive. It seemed nothing was too much trouble. The hospital seems like a well-oiled machine and the people that work there came across as happy and friendly”.


“The whole hospital team would be the best I have seen in any hospital I have been in. A credit to Kensington Hospital”.


“I was made fully aware of all procedures. All aspects of my discharge were treated in detail and I appreciated the phone call when I had been home a few days. I felt that I was treated with respect and dignity and my whole wellbeing was of importance to the whole staff”.


“Excellent hospital and wonderful friendly staff. My 4 year old was so welled looked after by the nurses, they are champs”.


“If the catering team ever put out a cook book, please let me know. I would love to buy one. All the staff are fantastic”.


“The best hospital that I have ever been to, everyone was lovely”.


“You have very high standards. You are living up to the excellent reputation that I have heard from family and friends”.


“Very welcoming atmosphere to what could have been a fairly daunting experience. Lovely amenities. The food was nicely cooked and prepared. The meal sizes were more than appropriate. I was most impressed with the friendliness of all staff here from the cleaners to Surgeons. I was made to feel at home. Keep on with this service just the way it is”.


“The nurses were brilliant. There was a nice balance between friendly and professional maturity. A great facility & service that is heightened by the caliber of the nursing staff”.


“Everyone had a smile and if you felt you needed to ask for anything it was not a problem. I felt like I was on holiday”.


“Thank you to everyone involved with my care. I certainly appreciate it. The training and selecting of staff at this hospital is of the highest degree”.